It was my great good fortune to be around in the late 80's (which increasingly looks like the golden age of public service television broadcasting). During this period I was privileged to work with wonderful directors and producers who included Barrie Gavin, Dennis Marks, Eric Davidson, Bryan Izzard, Derek Bailey, Donald Sturrock, Robin Lough, Michael Howes and Humphrey Burton. These are the results of those collaborations.

Paul Crossley

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A Universal Singing
Ives - Three Places in New England, Webern - 5 Pieces Op.10

Schönberg - The Song of the Wood Dove, Pierrot Lunaire

Figures of Fun
Stravinsky - Renard

Berg - Chamber Concerto

Varèse - Intégrales

Rainbow City
Messiaen - Couleurs de la Cité Céleste

Sinfonietta II

Singing the Uncertainties
Tippett - Songs for Dov

Invitation to the Dance
Adams - The Chairman Dances, Nixon in China

An A to Z of Pleasure
Takemitsu - riverrun

Portrait of a Man
Schnittke - Viola Concerto

The Free World
Lutoslawski - Double Concerto

Henze - Voices

A Heart in Pilgrimage
The music of Franz Liszt​

Reflections on Maurice Ravel

An Evening with Francis Poulenc
The music of Poulenc

Paul Crossley discussing and playing Schönberg
Schönberg Gavotte and Musette from Op.25

Tippett Piano Sonata No. 4